Shaklee 180 Program

Natural Health Ambassador is an Independent Shaklee Distributor and immensely proud to present –  the SHAKLEE 180 Program!

What is Shaklee 180?  Shaklee 180 is the revolutionary new weight loss program from Shaklee Corporation that allows you to safely and easily lose fat and keep it off for good!  So many diets promise to help you to lose weight but fall short!  Did you know that the average American diets 4 times a year? Why are we jumping on and off these diets so much?  The answer is that most programs cause you to lose weight, not fat. At Shaklee we have a simple, affordable program that takes us from start to finish and helps us to maintain a healthy weight.  Here’s how it works.  For those that need to lose weight we start with:


The Turnaround Kit.  This provides you with 2 meals a day (a Smoothie or a Meal Bar), a multivitamin and an energizing tea.  All for less than you’d pay for a Starbucks!  The first part of your 180 is 90 days losing your weight.  And the amazing think about Shaklee 180 is that its powered by Leucine so you will only lose fat and not muscle like other diet plans!  This helps to prevent yo-yo dieting so that once you lose that fat you’re body is better able to keep it off.  The second half of the plan you will use:



This is just one meal a day and a comprehensive vitamin strip called Vitalizer designed to keep you strong while you keep your weight off!  You see where other diet plans abandon you, Shaklee makes sure that you have a community of people that will ensure your success.  We also have a variety of tools to help you including brand new mobile apps! These will help you to track your progress, goals, and motivational words day by day.  You can also post these to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. to make a public declaration of your plan to get fit!


As if that weren’t enough Shaklee 180 is also providing rewards for every time you input your goals and progress.  These range from small fitness related prizes all the way up to a grand prize trip to Hollywood or Paris where you will get a chance to have your own photo shoot by a famous photographer!  All while getting fit in the process!
Now for what may be the very best part of the whole program. After all, who doesn’t like free?We’ve also designed a way to make Shaklee 180 affordable to anyone looking to lose weight.  Its so easy that if you are feeling good and want to get your products for free you can easily click to share Shaklee 180 with 3 of your friends and yours is free!  You lose weight and helps others do the same and get free products and prizes!  Sounds like a win-win!
And ON TOP of all of these great bonuses Shaklee 180 also gives you a free membership, customizable flavor choices, and expedited shipping!  We literally couldn’t make this deal any betterif we tried!
 January 1, 2013 the weight loss game will be changed forever.  Are you ready to lose that fat for good? Ready to make the 180 degree turn in your life? If so visit us now at Natural Health Ambassador or email the to schedule your counselling session. Then get ready to make your transformation!