Eating Organic is Worth It!

The Swedish organic grocery company, “Coop,” had this short video made to show what one family did by switching to organic. If you’re already ‘organic’ then please share with a doubter.

Summer Time

“Summer time, and the burning is easy.” Okay, my apologies to DuBose Heyward and Ira Gershwin for that one. And for those that have never enjoyed a live performance of, “Porgy and Bess,” and have no idea what I’m talking about, you have my sympathy. The point is that school is out, summer is here, […]

Organic . . . or better?

Is there a really a magic kingdom? A world that is bigger and better than organic for the health minded? Well if you stir in sustainability to the mix, you come up with “Biodynamic Farming.”  Today I want to share with you this article about a biodynamic farm in Costa Rica. I realize that the […]

Vitamin D Update

This article by Mae Chan in is an excellent overview on the importance of Vitamin D, aka. “The Sunshine Vitamin, and why it is important to good health. Please take a moment to read it through.   JUNE 29, 2014 by MAE CHAN Compelling Evidence That Low Levels of Vitamin D Have a Causal Role […]

Another Trojan Horse?

In this story from, it would appear on the surface to be a magnanimous  gesture on the part of the Pepsi people. However if you dig a little deeper, it seems to me that what Pepsi has done is buy the ability to advertise their sugar and HFCS laden products directly to our school […]

GMO a Scary Name?

According to Mike Barnett, Director of Publications for the Texas Farm Bureau, it is and I tend to agree with him. I know it scares the crap out of me. He also thinks the full terminology, “Genetically Modified Organism” is even scarier and again I completely agree. GMO, or any combination of letters, automatically puts […]

Natural Hypertension Remedies

I can’t guarantee that any of these will work for you, but this list from all make sense to me and seem to have good research data to back them up. However, I should caution you that you shouldn’t try to drive or operate machinery shortly after taking the Cayenne pepper. It’s very hard […]

The Wheel of Dietary Advice goes ‘Round n ‘Round

I can think of no area where we are more apt to rush headlong down the wrong road than dietary advice. All it takes is a bestselling book, based on theory and pseudo-science and the new trend is underway. Our medical doctors are given so little nutritional training that it’s no wonder many can be […]


I know that is contrary to everything you’ve been told, especially during “Resolution Season,”but please, for your sake, hear me out. The analogy to losing weight that I most often use is to compare it to losing your car keys. Most of the time, those keys are not lost but merely misplaced (There are a […]

Why are We So Sick?

When I first began this website, one of the things that motivated me was knowing that at the time, we spent more on health care per person than any country in the world and yet the World Health Organization ranked the U.S. 17th behind many 3rd world countries in overall health care. Today, we still […]